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   You can establish your company by personal application or by power of attorney. Company setup is confirmed within 5 to 7 business days.

    Insurance fees and related taxes for your company director and employees must be paid to the government on a regular basis. You are not obligated to hire another employee for your business other than the company director. The director of the company must obtain a residence and work permit. ​ ​ 

  You can also get regular accounting (financial consultancy) and legal consultancy services from our firm.
We offer these services within the scope of contracts containing 12-month periods.

   If your company's turnover does not exceed 18,000 Euros per year, you will not need to be a VAT registered company. 
If your annual earnings exceed 18,000 Euros then you will have a VAT registered company.


   In order to obtain a residence and work permit in Montenegro, you can establish a limited company with a capital of 1 Euro.
The fact that no capital is required in the establishment of a limited company brings a great advantage.

     Once your company is approved and established by the Chamber of Commerce, you can start issuing invoices immediately.

 If you have established your company with a power of attorney, the Montenegrin Government invites you to Montenegro for your residence and work permits. When you come to Montenegro, you can get your residence-work permits accompanied by our teammates.

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   After your company is established in Montenegro, you can get a residence permit. The duration of residence permit procedures is 2 weeks.

    After the establishment of the company for the residence permit is completed, the necessary applications are made and a one-year work and residence permit is obtained in a short time.

    As long as the company's expenses are paid regularly, the work and residence permit can be renewed every year.


   After establishing your company in Montenegro, your accounting procedures were carried out in accordance with the rules, if your work and residence permit is updated every year, you will be entitled to a permanent residence permit at the end of five years.


   You do not need to renew your work and residence permit every year after the official procedures are completed.


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Nakliye Konteynerleri

04   FREEZONE COMPANY               SETUP

​     Free Zones in Montenegro have been established to facilitate trade for all foreign investors. Free Zones in Montenegro provide foreign investors with the opportunity to establish the most profitable and most suitable free zone company.

     ​In Free Zone companies, the foreign investor has all the savings rights, management and administration of the free zone company alone.

​     One of the biggest advantages of Free Zone companies is tax exemption, because there is no customs duty on imports of raw materials and exports made through this company are also exempt from tax.

Advantages of Free Zone Companies

05   INVESTMENT                                CONSULTANCY

    We provide Investment Consultancy services to our customers who want to invest in Montenegro.

Market research:

Product/market analysis:

  • The current market position of the product or service (precedents) you intend to sell in Montenegro.

  • The market position of your potential competitors offering equivalents of your product and/or service.

  • Tax and regulatory analysis for your product and/or service.

Investment Tools Analysis:

  • Current state analysis of the current investment you are considering investing in.

  • Analysis of the medium and long term possible return on the current investment you are considering investing in.

Real Estate Investments Consultancy:

  • Real estate expertise services

  • Real estate investment analysis

  • Real estate investment planning services

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